The LEDs shine brighter then ever before, but the world has turned cold and dark. These times, the mind struggles to maintain its power. I still remember the happiness we felt, dreaming of the new reality they promised us. New opportunities would arise, and human kind would reach its ideal state. Little did we know heh-heh-heh.

Say, stranger, how will you retain sanity in this madness? Will you flight back to a more primitive life, away from the high-tech dystopia? Or are you ready to share your electricity with me so we can collaborate in our survival? Will you be able to adapt?


Sweet umami is a six-piece indie-rock combo from Maldegem/Bruges (BE),

Mathias Lasoen – drums

Tibby Impens – vocals/keys

Jasper Standaert – guitar

Stephane Vinstocq – guitar

Wouter Standaert – bass

Didier De Maertelaere – brass/guitar
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