laundronaut album

“A Laundronaut travels to unknown places, spinning his head at high speed when his rocket leaves earth. He will wash his mind with future endeavors, cleaning all the wordly stories he leaves behind”.

Laundronaut is the first album of the Belgian Indie-rock combo Sweet Umami. The album contains five songs, that write the first chapter of Umami’s musical journey. The songs are the chronicle of personal experiences, complex stories presented with naive and sweet/umami tunes. Bringing together six musicians, having very different backgrounds and stories, resulted in finding a common musical universe of Indie, Rock, Funk and Soul. Discover Umami’s universe online, or at your local music venue.


Sweet umami is a six-piece indie-rock combo from Maldegem/Bruges (BE),
bringing summer vibes at any time of the year.

Mathias Lasoen – drums

Jasper Standaert – guitar

Stephane Vinstocq – guitar

Wouter Standaert – bass

Didier De Martelaere – brass/guitar

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