origin story

In 2016 we started playing and experimenting. Stéphane was on the lookout for new members to join his c̶u̶l̶t̶  band. Tibby, Jasper and Wouter were playing in Penguin Overboard but jumped ship pretty quickly. Initially Jasper and Wouter rocked the saxomophones.

We had some different bassplayers and drummers throughout our startup period. Amidst the pandemic Didier left the fanfare and joined our band. The final piece of our musical puzzle joined in 2021; Mathias hit the drums! Mathias and Tibby used to be in a band 10 years prior. When our puzzle was completed we pretty quickly hit the studios and started releasing new stuff on a regular basis.


Konnichiwa 23/07/22

In the summer of `22 we released our first two tracks:

Love on the run and Lipstick Annie

Both songs were recorded in Dunk studios in Zottegem. Jannes Vanrossem produced and mixed the tracks.

In 2023 a couple of Artevelde Hogeschool students wanted to shoot a music video for one of the singles: Lipstick Annie. The video was shot at café the filosoof in Maldegem. Lipstick Annie was played by Kurt Hinderyckx and Natalie Rorive.

Laundronaut EP 25/10/22

On the 25th of november we released our first EP. The EP contains 6 tracks including the two singles released prior. The songs were recorded in our garden shed studio. Recorded and mixed by Klaus Overmeire, mastered by Frederick Tack.

Sweet Umami played a release show on 25/10 at de redekiel.

Adaptor 06/05/23

In the summer of `23 on the 6th of may Sweet Umami was the support act for Isaac Roux at cc Den Hoogen Pad, we performed adaptor live for the first time.

The song is about the rise of artificial intelligence. The cover design is also the print on our first shirts you can find at our concerts. For creating this coverart and most of our other coverart we use Blender: a fully opensource cgi software suite.

This song was recorded in our garden shed studio space. Mixed and Mastered by Frederick Tack.

Love To Hate You 02/07/23

This track was released alongside our first fully fledged music video. Graaf Photography made the music video a reality. Philip was played by Kurt Hinderyckx who also played Lipstick Annie in a later video. Deborah Devos played Philip's wife. Biggest chunk of the video was shot at cc Den Hoogen Pad.

The song is a bit out of our musical comfort zone but tends to be a nice energizer during live shows!

Golden Seat 19/08/23

This track was released alongside a fully cgi animated music video about an alien muppet who's stranded on planet earth and is trying to find a home. 

Funny titbit; you can see our garden shed studio during the first scene of the music video. 

Tibby made the animated music video for this one.

Busy      20/04/2024

"Busy" delves into the frenetic rhythm of contemporary society, where the pursuit of success often eclipses the simple joys of living. With its gritty guitars and uptempo beat, it paints a vivid portrait of a world consumed by ceaseless activity. The playful synth accents add a touch of naivety, reflecting how people may be unaware of how this hectic rhythm of life influences them.

Mixed and Mastered by Arthur De Vriendt.
Recorded at KASK Recording Studio at Bijloke, Ghent.

On the left you can find Tibby's video clip for it :)
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